About Louise


Let me tell you a little about myself. I hail from the north of Scotland. I grew up with war planes flying over head , dolphins leaping in the sea, oil rig flames visible in the distance and the northern lights in the night sky. The town is called Lossiemouth or if you are local Lossie.

I moved to Glasgow in 2003 where I met my husband to be. I am now a wife, step mum to two marvellous grown up humans and a mum to two fabulous small but fast growing humans.

I spent many years working in retail selling wine then books then wine again before going full yogi!

In my spare time I volunteer for The British Heart Foundation as a community speaker. I love to read, sew my own clothes (badly), bake (with some success) and cook (occasionally I get told “this is a do again meal” by a small human).

I am dyslexic and love it. I have no intention of overcoming it and do not see it as A BAD THING. In fact I think being dyslexic is a positive thing and if you work with how your brain works rather than against it then you will be able to use being dyslexic to your advantage. Cmon the dyslexics!

In the dim and distant past I was a big fan of the gym. I did regular weight training and ran 10km three times a week. I have dabbled in Roller Derby and completed an ultra marathon (very slowly).

After losing my youngest sister due to a genetic heart condition she did not know she had I found out that I had the gene that causes the same condition. Upon finding out about this I quit all intense exercise and started taking yoga seriously. I have had a strong personal yoga practice for the last 10 years. I trained under Julie Hanson at the Seasonal Yoga Academy where I graduated as a fully trained seasonal yoga teacher. I built up my teaching practice by covering classes at different studios, moving into a tiny studio in Battlefield Chiropractic and then moving to a larger studio in The Wee Retreat.

I believe yoga is truly for everybody and I strive to make classes fun, accessable and relaxed.